Ancient Echoes

By American Composers Forum, Philadelphia Chapter (other events)

Tuesday, April 26 2016 8:00 PM 9:30 PM

Join us for an awe-inspiring and interactive performance. Participate as the audience whispers the deepest secrets of the ancient world. Listen to the tumult and harmony of statues being carved. Surround yourself with artifacts in a spectacular visual and acoustic setting. Experience the ancient world brought to life in music.

The music for Ancient Echoes is inspired by objects from the Penn Museum collection and written specifically for the acoustic space of the Chinese Rotunda with its spectacular 90 foot dome.


$20 (door), $15 (online)

What's on the Program

Limestone by Lembit Beecher
for Four Percussionists and Solo Cello

Inspired by Tang Dynasty sculptures, Limestone captures the experience of statues being carved from blocks of stone. Four percussionists spaced throughout the gallery use chisels, hammers, rasps, and sandpaper to create a delicate tumult of sound which echoes in the unique acoustic space of the Chinese Rotunda. From the chaotic texture of sound, the cello's voice gradually refines and rises as the lyrical and poignant voice of the statue itself.

Tonight We Tell the Secrets of the World by Scott Ordway
for Seven Strings, Soprano Voice, and Saxophone

Tonight We Tell the Secrets of the World is inspired by ancient texts about the mysteries of love, death, and religion. Guided by an array of colored lights, the audience is invited to participate by whispering these secrets as part of the performance. The sounds echo throughout the rotunda, enveloping both audience and performers, and inviting us to share in the deepest secrets of ancient civilization.

About the American Composers Forum - Philadelphia

The American Composers Forum - Philadelphia is committed to supporting composers and developing new markets for their music. The Forum provides composers at all stages of their careers with valuable resources for professional and artistic development. By linking communities with composers and performers, the Forum fosters a demand for new music, enriches communities, and helps develop the next generation of composers, musicians, and music patrons.

Ancient Echos is the result of an artistic residency program hosted in collaboration with the Penn Museum.

Please note that due to the acoustic nature of the Chinese Rotunda, this concert is not suitable for very young children.

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